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Classic Tour

Perfect for first time visitors. We will explore all the must see landmarks like Masada, Ein Gedi & the Dead Sea. We can pepper it with other attractions like camel riding or a jeep ride!

Action & Adventure

If you've already seen everything then it is time for action! Start with some rugged ATVing or hiking and move on to letting out your energy with the weapons of the desert; bow & arrow and swords! For water lovers experience magnificent kayaking on the Dead Sea!

Kids Fun Tour

Do you want the kids to have a great time mixing fun and adventure? We will take them up to Masada and hike through Ein Gedi. They will ride a camel ride and have a blast baking the most delicious pita. They will learn the life of the desert!

Tanach & History

Follow the trail of the Chumash and beyond. Watch famous events unfold before your eyes. From Sedom & Avraham, Yehoshua & Yericho, to Dovid & Shaul, Eliyahu & Yirmiryahu. The tumultuous Chashmona'im and the mad Hurdus! This tour includes most of the classic sites.

Extreme Tour

The Judean Desert is home to the most rugged terrain in Israel. For incredible rappelling in Qumran or other cliffs, for hiking the famous Darja, to extreme ATV rides, to crawling through salt caves, the possibilities for an adrenaline rush are endless!

Customize your tour. The options are endless!

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